PASSPORT Medicaid Waiver Program

PASSPORT uses federal and state funds, through a Medicaid waiver, to pay for in-home alternatives to nursing home care for low-income, Medicaid eligible seniors.

How is PASSPORT Funded?

PASSPORT uses federal and state funds through a Medicaid Waiver, to pay for in-home services provided by local agencies certified and contracted by our agency. This service is made possible through funding by the Ohio Department of Aging.

How do I get help? Call Now 1-800-945-4250

PASSPORT referrals are accepted from anyone: hospitals, family members, friends, physicians, social service agencies, clergy, or anyone else that may be genuinely concerned about the well-being of an older adult.

What can I expect?

  • State certified staff (screeners) are available to review your options and answer any questions that you may have.
  • By asking a few questions this can assist in determining preliminary program eligibility.
  • We offer a free comprehensive in-home assessment by a Registered Nurse (RN) or a Licensed Social Worker (LSW).
  • Services will be customized to meet your unique needs with while maintaining your independence and dignity.

What Services Can I qualify for?

Services may include any combination of the following: Link to Services

What is a Case Manager?

A Case Manager (CM) is a Registered Nurse (RN) or a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) who maintains contact with the PASSPORT consumer, their family, physician, and service providers and adjust services as needed. The purpose of Passport Case Management is a consumer-focused program that promotes/supports the consumer’s preferences, values, and right to self-determination.

Passport Case Management Provides the following:

1. On-going assessment, coordination and monitoring of a consumer’s needs, strengths and circumstances and services to assure that services/interventions continue to be appropriate.

2. Development of an individualized written Care Plan for each consumer.

3. Consumer education in order to promote Informed Choice, understanding of risk and benefits of care options/decisions, etc;

4. Consumer advocacy, as needed, on behalf of the consumer and/or caregiver.

The Goal of Case Management

To enable consumers to remain in the least restrictive environment while maintaining the greatest amount of independence and human dignity. These Goals are accomplished in a cost effective and service efficient manner with sensitivity to the consumer’s own personal preferences and Choice, and are based upon the strengths present in the consumer and/or caregiver.

Staff are available to accept your call during regular business hours: 8am through 5pm Monday - Friday at 1-800-945-4250. Each call will be given individual attention and confidentiality will be maintained. many times individuals can receive help and/or assistance from sources they would not have known about if they had not called.